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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Picture Mix

Here are a mixture of pictures that I found in our camera. I am not sure if they are even from the same month. Enjoy!

Natalie is getting pretty strong. She likes to sit in the bumbo. Tasha started putting her in the exersaucer too. Her tip toes touch the base when the adjustment is bottomed out. I remember my office throwing a baby shower for me before Eliana came. Ruli helped me put it together. As we tried to figure out where all the doodads went, Ruli exclaimed, This thing is going to give her baby ADHD. :)

Eliana loves playing with this block doll set. The clothes are magnetic so she gets to play fashionista. She discovered that they stick very well to the fridge too.

Here she has put outfits on her and cousin Kallie. In the picture in this picture, they are wearing dresses that GramE and Aunt Marcie wore when they were about the same ages.

Check them out GramE! Size 8s.
Eye-lash scarf made by Aunt Dacra.

Natalie's eyes are still blue. Tasha found a long silver hair on one side of her head that has a texture unlike all the rest of her hair. She also noticed that Natalie's dark hair has very light roots.

We are blessed beyond measure!