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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mission Minded

Friends shared this on their blog. It is worth the few minutes to see it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today I went and bought 36 sharpeners.  I then went to my classroom for an hour.  I only had an hour because I was meeting a friend in Tulare for lunch.  It is amazing how much work goes into getting a classroom ready for the school year.  I was able to get a game plan ready for when 3 friends help me on Friday!!!  I am so glad that these friends have offered their time.  What an act of service!
*Get the copies for the first week, maybe two if I am lucky.
*Get the books into the desks.
*Put up the bulletin boards.
*Cut out a year's worth of calendar numbers.
*Label 5 sets of folders.
*Label 40 notebooks.
*Create welcome packets.
*Cover books.
*Breath because God will be with me through the whole thing!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I wish movies didn't choose to use sex to sell.  We sat the first Transformers earlier this week.  I found the plot intriguing, funny, and overall good.  There were a few moments that I didn't care for, but overall it was good.  
Kyle and I saw the second Transformers today, and we didn't care for all of the sexual content portrayed.  I felt like the plot wasn't as good, and I didn't like all of the upgrades on the Transformers.  It made it more unrealistic.  I told that to Kyle, and he wanted to know how the first one was realistic.  Afterall, there are giant alien robots we are talking about.   The transformers had more character in the first one.  We watched the extras and know that tons of time was put into making the robots "real".
Sigh.  Good potential tainted.

The beginning of school, a bittersweet blessing.

School is about to start.  I am filled with joy and dread all at the same time.  God and I had a long talk over this yesterday.  I've struggled this summer on occasion with loneliness and feeling purposeless.  Yet, I don't look forward to the stress connected to school.  I love teaching; I just wish it didn't take up sooooo much of my time and energy.  I wish there was a happy medium in the middle.  During the school year, I often feel like Kyle gets the leftovers of me.  I'm often fine and full of energy at work, but then I'm not by the time I get home.  I don't like how school takes up just about most of all my Saturdays.  I can't just halfway do my job.  Then again, with Kyle in school, there isn't much us time during the school year.  
I have one week left before meetings and school begin.  I'll start decorating my walls, making photocopies for the first bit of school, organizing desks, putting together welcome packets in Spanish and English....  The beginning of school, a bittersweet blessing.
Although it won't last long, I am really looking forward to having a reason to get up early.  I like getting up early when I have a reason to.  I enjoy the cool mornings.  I like how awake and alive I feel.  I just wish my brain didn't get so overloaded that it becomes hard to get up in the morning.