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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remembering Natalie's 6th Month

 Things Natalie did during her 6th month:
*sat up well
*had growling conversations with Uncle Troy
*learned to roll from her back to her belly
 *continues to chew on anything put near her face (including flowers to smell)
*has 6 feedings most days
*waking up 1-2 times in the night
*stretched and scooted places to get toys
*visited with a lot of family in our home town including:Cousin Kallie, Aunt Aimee, Uncle Troy, GramE, Nanny, Grandpa Brad, Aunt Taylor, Aunt Tanya, Cousin Madison, Aunt Tara, Cousin Ashlee, Cousin, Donald, Aunt Trisha, Uncle Zak, Aunt Marcie, Uncle Michael, Uncle Sean, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Ruli,
*brought smiles to them all!!!
*got her first two teeth without a fever!!!
This picture reminds me of the photo of Eliana's from when Eliana was 8 months old.  They are close to the same sitting position, but they sure do look different.