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Friday, June 29, 2007

100 Goldfish

It's my turn to add something to our blog:) Today I was able to go through a bunch of boxes from our bedroom. Our apartment continues to come along. I have plenty of time to work on it with Kyle working 12 hour shifts at the pistachio part of Paramount Farms in Lost Hills. Kyle came home on Wed., his first day at work, full of stories about the cool machines that detwig, sort by size, openness, and even the color of pistachios.

I have been keeping busy with running so far 2 mornings this week. I never ever claimed to be a runner, but I found, like Bahers say, that it helps them clear my mind and focus on God. Down town Clovis is very nice to walk, jog, slowly move through as I am sure it looks when I run:)

Today I bought 100 goldfish. Why you might ask. Our new church Copper Springs is having their carnival to mark the end of VBS. We needed the goldfish for a game. I got to work with some other girls sorting each fish into a zip lock bag. I found it rather fun, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to have something interesting to do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We've Arrived

So we are in Clovis. We've taken about 11 hours to unpack so far. It is looking pretty good. We went looking for Winco yesterday and also found Costco in the same outting.

The Bahers came to town and joined us at the Fresno zoo. I like the giraffes. They had an exhibit of stingrays. We bought shrimp and fed them. You had to put your arms in the water with your elbows beneath the surface, hold the shrimp between your fingers, and let them suck it into their mouths. It was pretty gnarly. Pictures to follow soon.

We needed some time out so we called the Hayes. We crashed thier gaming party. The church interns are intown helping at Copper Springs' VBS. Candice has been suffering ever since VBS let out watching the three interns and Joe play shoot em up games. It is very funny to watch. I have never played Halo before so appearently I am not a real man. I stink at it because I can kill no one but I can run pretty well.

Luke just ran in and practically kicked down the door. He had no hands to knock because he was holding Tyson. Luke enters screaming, "I need a tub!" Cute little Tyson sprayed poop out his diaper and down his leg. We've got 10 people and 1 baby`in this small apartment. It is going to be an interesting afternoon.

Signing off, Kyle

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fresno Pacific

Registration day was this last week. When Tasha and I got out of the car we started to laugh at all the freshmen with their parents. I told her that she was to refer to me as son and I to her as mom for the rest of the day. She didn't go for it.

We opened with coffee and snacks. There was prayer and a very great speaker welcomed us. The parents stayed for parent orientation and I went with all the students. I was pretty chill all morning. I registered for classes, got my photo taken, visited the nurse, and then did lunch there in their cafeteria.

During lunch we spoke with a mom of an incoming freshman who sat with us at our table. It was so great and different to speak of God, and praying, and church. I am really going to love this.

This fall I will have 14 units and in the spring I will have 15 units. While registering I had to choose a PE class. I saw that there was a Self Defense class which I laughed at. The instructors asked what was going on and I asked, "Aren't you pacifists?" She told me it was blocking, no striking. Bummer, because I'd love to start sparring again.

While I waited to see the Financial Advisor I got to meet quite a few students. There were plenty of freshmen but there were also transfers which made me feel not so weird. This one guy got upity because his mom kept "walking off". I hope I wasn't so freshmen when I was a freshman.

Friday, June 1, 2007

count down commencing

How much longer until we move to Clovis?
This day is coming so quickly.