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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eliana is Three!!!

Plan A: Have a combine birthday dessert gathering for Kyle and Eliana on June 16th with family in our hometown.

Problem: Eliana threw up 5 times that morning, so we didn’t travel.  She was then happy as could by by dinner time and ready to greet the day.

Action Taken: Make new plans.

Plan B: Share the desserts at Aunt Marcie’s Taco Night and open presents with Kyle’s side of the family!

Action Taken: Good times, dresses galore, and sweet treats enjoyed by all!

Plan C: Join Father’s Day with celebration for birthdays with my side of the family!

Plan D: On her actual birthday, go to the zoo with fabulous friends and family (Rachel, Ruli, April, Sophia, Amelia, Natalie, and myself.  See her favorite animal of the day, elephants, multiple times.

Plan E: Make “purple” cupcakes with pink frosting for dessert with Rachel, Ruli, Kyle, myself, and Natalie.


Problem: Forget to have cupcake papers OR cooking spray on hand.

Action Taken: Send Rachel to the store who then splurged with fancy candles and icing.!!!