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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've decided my major and emphasis. Biblical and Religious Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies. I get giggles from my friends when I say that I am going to get a "BS in Bible". Say it out loud fast and then you might get it.

I met with Audry and Greg at the campus 4/19. I was able to ask them a bunch of questions about the major and the school in general. I was so excited I think I must have said "cool" at least 5 dozen times when I was talking with Audry. :P Greg is the main man with the "Signature of Authority", or so I am told. It looks like the major is pretty flexible so I am going to see about substituting classes or just taking more electives with missional emphasises.

I am unbelievably stoked about the classes. Concerning moving my excitment depends on which day you ask me. Ha. Keep us in your prayers with the move and jobs and leaving friends and family here in B-town. It is going to be a major adjustment but we know its the move God wants us to take. Plus the apartment will have a patio so I can get me a bbq. :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Homeless in Fresno

Tasha and I were driving home from Fresno yesterday and decided to take a detour. When we hit the light at the base of the off ramp we saw a homeless couple on the corner. The car in front of us handed them something out the window and our hearts broke as we saw him run to the car with such a thankful, desperate look on his face. We remembered that we had a bag of dried fruit and granola bars that she had packed for the day. I made a u-turn and headed back toward the corner where we saw them. I went to the back of the car to get the food bag and noticed a bag with our toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste which I had packed that morning also. I didn’t know why I packed them for just a day trip but when I saw them there I remembered something a friend had shared with me that his pastor had said. “If you have two of something, one of them isn’t yours.” We got out of the car with both bags and headed over to the corner. It started to sprinkle as we crossed the off ramp to get to the couple. I offered them the food and they immediately lit up. Then I hesitantly pulled out the other bag. I began by saying that they weren’t new but… The man’s face exploded with excitement, his eyes got misty, and he was speechless. His wife looked at him and said how much they needed and wanted toothbrushes but he had explained earlier that they didn’t even have toothpaste but that bag had it all. We introduced ourselves and found out that their names were Frank and Cecilia Church. We all shook hands and I commented on how cold his hands were. Tasha immediately without hesitation took off her coat and gave it to Cecilia. She didn’t know what to say. I offered my sweater to the man but he declined either out of pride or shock. I told him that he could only have it on the condition that he gave me a hug. He laughed, and hugged me before I could pull it off over my head. Tasha was crying. I shared that we were moving to Fresno this summer. The man shared with us how he and his wife had met and that they had been married for 21 years. We talked and laughed for a few more minutes before we said our goodbyes. Before we ran across the off ramp back to our cars I looked back and saw Frank helping his wife put the coat on. They waved as we drove back past them and we honked back as we entered the on-ramp to come home.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

June comes quickly

Thursday the 21st of June will be my last day working for ProU in Bakersfield. That leaves Friday to pack up and drive the uhaul up north and the weekend to unpack.

Work is going well. I thought it would be more relaxed from being off site but it is busy as ever. I am trying to get into a rhythm but it doesn't help having to go to class in the afternoon.

We are close to locking down our apartment in Fresno/Clovis. We are excited because the new apartments don't have sticky walls, they have more light in the living room, it has an enclosed patio, and a remodeled kitchen. FPU is going to make us poor but at least our apartment will be nice.