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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Recap

 We continued to try and get a picture to send out to some of our family and friends since the Christmas photo excursion was a flop. After 6 attempts, we sent the one on the right to those who sent us Christmas cards. I do love Eliana's smile on the left.

Kyle took an intensive seminary course (aka a semester course in 3 days).  He was away for a week.  We girls at home missed him TONS.  He brought back this scarf for Eliana from Aunt Dacra.  
The Monday after Kyle returned Natalie was diagnosed with RSV and I was told to keep her away from kids under age 2 until she was symptom free for 7-10 days.  Most of support system is made up of other moms with wee ones.  Thus the severe home bound season began. Thankfully, friends like Rachel, Anita, and Michele still found a way for me to get out of the house and visit.  Talk about some sanity savors!!!

 Two days after Natalie's doctor appointment, Eliana had a MAJOR allergic reaction to some thing we still haven't figured out. Kyle and Eliana had gone grocery shopping and she came back with spots.  I can't describe the feeling that went through me when I saw her spotted face along with swollen and red hands and feet.  God and I had a quick chat with me begging Him to intervene.  Eliana sounded fine and was breathing fine, but in her words, "I have poka dots on my face!"  She happened to have them everywhere and they were spreading.  Kyle and Eliana had a visit to the ER, where she was given a steroid and some Benadryl.  While Kyle and Eliana were gone, my dear friend April came over just to pray for me.  There is something amazing about prayer from another Christ follower when you are falling apart inside.  There is no other word to describe it but comfort. She had two flare ups two days later, but since then we've been good. We still don't know what caused the reaction.

Kyle had a special appointment that required travel for three days.  I thought I just might entirely fall apart if he was gone again since I was still on lock down, so I asked Aunt Marcie if we could stay with her for a few days.  She was thrilled to have us come, and I was so grateful for adult interaction.  Pop Pop would be turning 82 at the beginning of February, but I wasn't planning on making another trip out of town.  SO, I made a Oreo cheesecake a wee bit early for him.  Since he is on his own, we didn't want the cheesecake to go bad.  We thought it would be best to give him a super large slice and then share the rest.  It was delicious! Uncle Michael and Sean said I can come over and make it for them any time!

Yes, she is asleep sitting up on the homemade bed guards.  She really does need those guards up.  She rolls all over the place at night.  We try to remember to put a pillow between her and the wall since she has been know to repeatedly hit the wall in the middle of the night.

 Eliana continues to care for her dolls and stuffed animals as she watches me care for Natalie.  She diapered her caterpillar.  She has also been known to nurse them.

 This month Eliana has found the best thing to do during her quiet time (aka nap time minus the nap) is to redress herself.  It had started with her wanting to pick out her own socks and has turned into multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day.  She has a pair of capris that she LOVES, but since it is cold I often tell her that she needs pants that go to her ankles.  So, she layers them with another pair of pants on top.  Although it is kind of hard to tell, she is wearing two shirts in the photo above.

This month Eliana really seems to have grasped toilet training during the day.  We now go days without an accident.  HALLELUJAH!!!

This month Eliana has hit an all time high in whining and getting in trouble for disobedience.  Normally I don't post about difficulties in parenting, but I want to be remember this since it will probably come around again when Natalie is this age.  Eliana's continued disobedience makes me wonder why God puts up with us.  We are all sinning against Him on a regular basis, yet He still loves us.  I do understand why He has consequences for disobedience, but I'm stunned that He is slow to anger.  God's grace amazes me as He has watched millions of 2 year olds disobey their parents.  Then I think about sins that far more devastating than my 2 year old is capable of.  Upon further reflection I thought about how God in His ultimate love sent Jesus to die for my sins.  My sins which over my life have been far more than Eliana's choices to disobey.  And not just my sins, but for everyone's sins.  That is mind boggling to me.  There is nothing like parenting to make me realize that I am a in need of a Redeemer.  And there is nothing like parenting that draws me to prayer.  Last week I wrote in my journal, "Dear God, I beg you for wisdom in parenting."  I don't know if I've ever used the word beg before, but trust me, it was needed.

Natalie is 3 Months Old!!!!!!

 Natalie is still technically 3 months old for a few more days!  I have the best intentions of capture special moments of her life each month.  We'll see how long I can keep it up.  Life with two wee ones is busy.
 Natalie continues to have a content and sweet personality that is an immense blessing to us all.  She does well in the car.  She loves watching Eliana run around and play.  Eliana is getting good at singing her songs when she cries. Natalie eats between 6 and 8 times a day.  We were seeing a pretty consistent pattern for about 5 days, and then it all changed again.  We don't have a complete pattern for her sleep and wake cycles, but I can often get an idea of how the day will look by comparing it to other days with the same in the middle of the night feeding time.

Natalie just recently discovered how to make her hands grasp what she is looking at.  She continues to love chewing on her entire fist at one time.  I don't know how she gets all five fingers in, but she does.  Natalie continues to bring joy to many as she smiles and coos at strangers.  We love her laugh!!!  Our friend said she is a little Wookiee because of a noise she can make with saliva in the back of her throat.  When making that noise she enjoys having a conversation.  She makes the noise, I respond with humming raspberry because I can't make the same sound she can.  Kyle responds by rolling his Rs.  Today a friend said she had Spanish intonations.  We don't speak that much Spanish around the house.  It is used mainly when I am trying to tell Kyle something without Eliana understanding.

Sometimes I forget that Blogger automatically signs Kyle in.  Thus it says he wrote this, but really it's me, Tasha.