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Monday, April 15, 2013

March Happenings

 Oh, how I love spring!!!

Eliana has continued to improve on her picture taking ability!  These two photos of Rachel and Natalie were taken by Eliana!  I'd say not bad for a 2 year old!

 Aunt Marcie came for a visit!  We love having family come and visit us!  Aren't you impressed with Rachel's ability to hold both of the wee ones at once?

 For the first time since we moved away from family, we spent Easter weekend back in our hometown.  It was great to see friends who moved away the summer we did, friends from our old church, and lots of family!!!  In the picture above, Kallie and Eliana are "hiding" their faces while Troy hid Easter eggs.  They loved it!!!

 Eliana was purely delighted with the hunting.  We had about 5 hunts that day, 2 the next, and several more at home.  Eliana enjoys hiding the eggs and then helping you find them.  You have to be quick to find them, otherwise she will help you find them before you've even searched for them.

 Natalie slept okay while we traveled.  She ate about every 3 hours instead of every 4.  Which is actually AMAZING compared to how Eliana traveled at that age!!!  Eliana is doing so much better in the car!  I think it helps that she has someone to look at in the backseat and that she can hold conversations with us up front.
What is this???  Eliana wanted to hold her sister AND smile for a picture?!?!?!  You bet I took a picture before she changed her mind!

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