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Monday, April 15, 2013

When Natalie was 5 Months Old!

Natalie is now a few days into her 6th month, but let's step back in time for just a moment to high light her 5th month!
 She is at the wonderful age of smiles!  Since I know that is a season and not forever, I am enjoying these easy smiles while they last!
 Natalie learned how to make raspberries!  She has also enjoyed looking at other babies like her friend on the right Amelia!

 Natalie has joined us up at the table during meal time.  She was getting lonely down on the ground.  She is still just being breastfed, but she does enjoy chewing on her toys and hands.
 Natalie loves rolling over and enjoys sitting up.  She is much more content when she can sit up and enjoy her box of toys. 
She found her feet this month!  She is still waking up in the night.  She is having a feeding somewhere between 10 and midnight, and then again between 1 and 4am.  We're praying that she'll drop one of theses feedings.  Thankfully, the extra wakings beyond these feeds have stopped for now:)  Kyle has been a SUPER help in the morning.  If she gets up before he goes to work, she joins him for a little bit until she gets hungry.  That means I can get between 15 and 45 minutes of extra sleep.  Hooray for my fantastic husband!!!

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